The parrot has landed

Saying things on other peoples blogs can get you misunderstood easily. It’s not always possible to correct that right there and then. I learned that the hard way. I ended up having my id ‘bchtd1parrot’ put as representative for the blogs opponants at the very first line of the open forum post on a site with over two million clicks. Euuww…

So some people might like to judge for themselves, but then i should give them a chance. That’s what this post is for. I don’t want to get famous or published or flashy for that matter. Nobody is obliged to visit this post or comment on it, but everybody is welcome to do so.

This is my blog, my post. I call myself Parrot because i don’t want to claim having invented anything i say and i don’t always know what i’m talking about. I’m not alone in that. So feel free to do what people do when they feel free.